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Handmade wood flutes Handmade wood flutes
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Transverse Flutes

I have had several requests for transverse flutes so I'm trying my hand at it. Notice I've added my own little twist to it and off set the holes. This idea was given to me by a dear friend, Ben Dehart. Visit his web site at The Cracker Tenor

This item is still in the beginning production stages. Prices are available upon request.

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Transverse Flute
Slovakian Flute called a FUJARA

Ray A good friend of mine, Annie Wenz came to me and showed me a Slovakian Flute called a fujara. It was awesome - all the octaves that you could hit in just one note - I was simply amazed to say the least. We played for hours. Then she asked if I thought I could make one? I didn't know but I would be willing to try. If I could do this for her she would be willing to play my flutes exclusively. What on offer, What an Honor! Knowing her to be one of the most vibrant people I know and her love for music I was truly honored with her offer and was very humbled. I didn't know of I could even come close to meeting the challenge. Being who I am, I couldn't resist. For the next few weeks I hid away in my cave (shop) and worked digilantly. I would get frustrated, grumpy, hide away until late at night just knowing I was on the verge of discovering the secret of this amazing instrument.

I borrowed Annie's not only once but several times trying to find the secret. Then one day I emerged with my flutejara. I had changed a few things from the original that Annie had. Some things I just couldn't get, so I created my own version. When she played it for the first time her eyes lit up, and that was enough for me. I haven't been making these long enough to figure out all of the keys or the pricing of all of the keys yet. I have made them in bamboo and cedar. I will take orders for these I can't always have them in the booth as it takes so long to get one finished.

Right now I make them in wood I used Bamboo for the prototype. This item is still in the beginning production stages. Prices are available upon request.

Please take the time to visit Annie's web Site. She has done a wonderful job with it. www.anniewenz.com

If you email or call us and it goes to voice mail please be patient with us to get back to you as we often don't have service at the events. Thank-you.
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